Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Walking down the memory lane

It is a fact that as thinking human beings, we like to reminisce about things past.

Now, tell me one thing.. When you think about old times, is the impressions in your memory clouded by the concluding chapters, the goodbyes? 

Now suppose a good friendship ended on a bad note.. 
If after 5 years you suddenly catch yourself thinking about the whole affair - how will you think about it? What do u think will stand out in memories - the good journey or the bad ending?

Is it really - Only that is well that ends well?  

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Ritesh said...

I think after sometime ... we do not think much about how it ended ... I feel we regret later if it did not end well ...
Like I think of college a lot ... but not really of time when we were leaving it ...
My perspective !!