Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quarter century :)

The day started with my face in the cake (and vice versa) :D 

And as they say.. nothing's like a midnight head wash.. 

Very very rushed morning, rumours of an impending quiz took me to class and confirmation of no quiz promptly took me out of it..

Followed by a happy, loving, laughing (tiring) day.. 
And the perfect dinner - prepared by mukta(i tried to help, burnt a paratha, was confined to cutting up vegetables :D) 
Company of good ol' friends is the best happyfying(remember this word??) thing in the whole world.. (and today i confirm officially: I have missed a lot lot of good people at MNIT. Why didnt I meet them before??)

And believe it or not, the day ended with work - a submission!! 

So here I am. Older and wiser(??) 

And I wonder.. am I anywhere nearer to the answers to these life altering questions - What is the purpose of life, What makes us different from each other , when did it all begin, when will teleporting be a reality, 
whats for breakfast tomorrow.. 

Many many happy returns of the day :)

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