Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My list

Life never ceases to astonish.

I found out(discovered) a fact about myself that I wasnt aware of - I cannot get bored !!

My batchmates have started complaining about how they dont have anything to do and are getting bored of watching SATC/PB/HIMYM/... all the time. 

But I dont think I have enough time to watch stuff all day. 

Got tons of stuff to do- worse.. with a deadline.. The whole day today is gonna get swaaha on that &*&^%^* project( I call it charity work)

And then I start with the woodwork. Some weeks ago I found these beautiful wooden stuff at a local kabadiwalah store. Rusted nails, a bit chipped and old.. its perfect. 
Bought the supplies yesterday - sandpaper, varnish, paint, brushes, thinner, etc..( i love hardware stores) .. 
I am so very excited about this. 
I hope they turn out to be good.

Then I have the guitar. I realized I have to be really busy if I want to pick up guitar.. I cant play if I dont feel rushed.. 

And the mammoth scary task. Driving school. I hate the thought of driving. I mean I have taken the lessons once and I even have a valid licence. I know how to drive.. but as soon as I go out on the road , some uncanny force makes me freeze. Delhi roads are bad. But it is a fear that has to be faced. Will have to go there tomorrow. :|

And yes,.. then there is more to do- shopping!! But thats for weekends. :D

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