Thursday, February 12, 2009

Learning to live artfully

Yeah yeah..

After years of thinking about it, I finally enrolled for an Art of Living program. 

The aim being attaining enlightenment, I think the course is gonna help me after all. See, just joining it make my purse lighter by 1500/-. 


Jokes apart, the course is good. I am just 2 days into it and I am no longer skeptical as I initially was. 

It is certainly tough(tougher than tough) to follow all the rules. Apart from other things they include - no tea or coffee !!! For an entire week.. 

Believe me, you have no idea what that means. Even I had no idea I was so severely addicted. My first 24 hours without my cuppa made me mad. By evening I was so lethargic I could sleep standing. 

But after the session I was definitely better. And today :D :D I am as good as on 2 cups.

Yesterday out of desperation I tried this mint herb tea(they allow you herb tea). 
Very very bad experience. 
Mint flavoured herb tea should be banned.

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